Industry and Technology Enterprises

While chiefly focused on the natural resources and property sectors, Tribis has invested and will continue to invest in and establish strong businesses outside these areas.


Aqua Vital

Tribis was instrumental in establishing the Aqua Vital table water business, as an early aggregator of the then-fragmented bottled water market. The business was grown exponentially and ultimately sold, and is now part of Coca Cola's bottled water business.


Atlas Pearls

Tribis' investment in Atlas South Sea Pearl assisted the company in establishing its operations in Indonesia. Today, the now-named Atlas Pearls and Perfumes is a global leader in eco-pearling, and one of the top producers of the highly sought after silver and white South Sea pearl, with five pearl farms extending through the Indonesian archipelago to West Papua.


Cable Television Services Ltd

Tribis invested in the establishment of Cable Television Services Ltd, a company which was granted some of Australia's first paid television licences (now owned by Foxtel).

Australian Healthcare Technology Ltd

Founded by Tribis, AHTL provided practice management and electronic health record technologies to the Australian market.


AssetOwl Limited

AssetOwl Ltd is an information technology and software development company, with a primary focus on addressing the issues faced by retailers with large geographically-dispersed stores and a significant number of ageing company assets. It has developed a cloud-based enterprise asset visibility software platform for retail site management and analysis (ie the Management Platform), which also has application to other industries.

The Management Platform allows centrally based management to visualise both the internal and external existing conditions of stores, which are often geographically dispersed, enabling potential reductions in the time taken to make critical business decisions and facilitating significant savings in travel and staff costs.


Neurotech International Limited


A major ongoing and active investment for Tribis is Neurotech International Ltd (Neurotech), a Medical Device and Solutions Company incorporated in Australia, and operating through its wholly-owned Malta-based subsidiary, AAT Research.

The company's primary mission is to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions, with a vision of becoming the global leader in home-use and clinical neurotechnology solutions which are accessible and affordable. Through its first flagship medical device, Mente Autism, and the associated software platform, Neurotech is focused on the development and commercialisation of technological solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of such conditions, starting with autism.

The development of the Mente Autism headband, now in its third iteration, represents years of research, testing and pilot studies to effectively bring a highly-specialised treatment for the management of autism from hospitals and clinics into the comfort and familiarity of a patient's home.

In doing so, Neurotech and the Mente technology sit at the confluence of several market forces, including a heightened focus on understanding the brain, the increasing diagnosis of neurological conditions and the increasing adoption of home-based precision healthcare.